Really, really, REALLY hard to hide.

Getting you found is my specialty.

I'm a search engine optimization specialist. For over ten years I have helped large corporations and small startups get search engine traffic to their websites.

Here are a few:

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Whether your aim is generating leads, selling products and services, or generally increasing website traffic — the keyword here is conversion.

Search Engine Optimization, or as the cool kids like to say, SEO, is the art and science of growing a website's visitor numbers by bringing the site high on the list of results returned by search engines. This kind of search engine traffic is sometimes called organic or natural traffic.

I have fine-tuned the process for using the keywords that will attract your ideal customers to your custom landing pages, and I can work with you to craft the SEO strategy that is exactly what your company needs now and moving forward.

You're it.

For your website to climb to the top of Google and become the path of least resistance to exactly what your customers are seeking, it needs to be optimized. Here's a peek into the process:

  1. Crawlability

    On a fundamental level, make your website's framework speak the semantic language that the search engine bots understand.

  2. Keyword Magnetism

    What are the words and phrases that searchers are actually using to find the solution your website offers.

  3. SERP

    Convince search engines' bots that yours is the page that their Search Engine Results Page should feature — because it offers the most relavent and valuable information for the searcher.

  4. Credibility

    The best, most credible content gets shared the most. There aren't any shortcuts — the content actually needs to be worthy of sharing.

  5. Scannability

    The art of snippets. Title tags and meta descriptions need to grab a searcher's eye and instantly register as a no-brainer click. And once they arrive on your landing page, it should be exactly what they expect and easily to tell by scanning through headings, images and lists.

  6. Speed

    Don't make them wait, or they'll bounce. Optimize the page to load in a blink.

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